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Budget GRP Woodgrain

The hand finished wood grain GRP panels, made in timber moulds, accurately emulate the real grain of solid timber. The door panel is seamless and that gives an attractive appearance compared to steel doors that have visible panel joints on the door face. Ultra stable, resistant to low impact knocks and bangs, with a corrosion resistant door skin which is ideal for properties on the coast. These doors are available in standard sizes and made to measure. The door is built from a dark brown lightweight steel chassis over clad with a GRP skin in the standard wood grain colour of your choice. It just needs the occasional wash down to keep the door surface in pristine condition. The actual GRP door skin is manufactured by Wessex garage doors, Britain’s leading GRP door manufacturers who also manufacture the door skins for Garador and Hormann. There is a choice of canopy or retractable CE marked counterbalance mechanism which makes these doors light, smooth and safe in operation. The retractable mechanism is required when an automation kit is to be added now or in the future. Also if doors to be made automatic and required without a handle and handle hole, this can be requested at the time of order. The optional steel goalpost fixing frames in matching colour make an on-site installation easy and quick. Alternatively door can be installed by the traditional method to a timber goalpost frame. Two-point cable operated locking is included with a four-point upgrade available at a low cost.
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Fort GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) Woodgrain garage doors, great appearance and low maintenance.

  • Numerous realistic wood grain colours available.
  • Choice of canopy or retractable CE marked counter-balance mechanisms.
  • Light and stable chassis construction method ensures an excellent level of stability,  which is ideal for the British weather conditions.
  • Available in standard sizes and as a made to measure.
  • These doors are very low maintenance and simply require the occasional wash-down of the GRP panel and a small blob of oil on the mechanism every 6 months.
  • Steel goalpost fixing frame option is available for quick and easy installation.

Large range of realistic wood grain colours to choose from.

Fort GRP woodgrain Dark Mahogany
Dark Mahogany
Fort GRP woodgrain Red Mahogany
Red Mahogany
Fort GRP woodgrain Rosewood
Fort GRP woodgrain Magnolia
Fort GRP woodgrain Ebony
Fort GRP woodgrain White colour
Fort GRP woodgrain Bleached Oak
Bleached oak
Fort GRP woodgrain light oak
Light Oak
Fort GRP woodgrain Dark Oak
Dark Oak
Fort GRP woodgrain teak
Fort GRP woodgrain Honey Beech
Honey Beech
Fort GRP woodgrain Golden Brown
Golden Brown