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Fitting Bradbury Security Doors

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Bradbury Group is a British company based in Scunthorpe which manufactures a range of neat, high security, personnel doors at sensible prices. These strong steel doors are made-to-measure at no extra cost and multi-point locking options are available.

They offer genuine high security – anti-jemmy strip round the edge of the door adds security.

Bradbury doors also have a special hidden hinge chassis system which gives the door maximum strength near the hinges, which are traditionally the weakest point of a door.

  • Choice of size, colour, sill type, door furniture and locking system makes each door bespoke.
  • These heavy duty security doors are approx 50kg per single door set with frame.
  • They are manufactured from 1.2mm zinc coated steel.
  • Doors come with 4 x stainless steel hinges per door and solid steel dog bolts, as standard.

Bradbury Security Doors come pre-framed, as standard which makes on-site installation quick and easy.

Insulation, vents, windows and automatic door closers are all available at little extra cost.

Doors can open in or out and be right or left hand hinged.

Full fire door specification and panic bars also available.


We recently supplied and installed a variety of Bradbury security doors in Shrewsbury.

Paul tightening up the frame fixings. Note the twin stainless steel butt hinges – very sturdy.

Some of the doors stacked ready for installation.They are delivered shrink wrapped with ‘blue foam edging’. Handles and Louvres are pre – fitted in the factory

More doors as delivered. Foam protection on the edges and the handles.















Finishing off the frame installation on one of the doorsets.

One of the Bradbury steel doors fitted. Note the heavy duty door closer, required on all fire rated doors.

Pair of Bradbury security doors with Louvres to allow ventilation from the pump room on which they are fitted.














On doors linking to the outside, a stormguard threshold is fitted to prevent water ingress under the door. The green strip is just a packer as the finished tiled floor is yet to be fitted.

Single door with Louvre for ventilation. The frame fixing holes come with black plugs to push into the holes to neatly cap them off. Note between the 2 central plugs, the ‘dog bolts’ or ‘hinge bolts’ which maximise strength and security on the hinge side of the door. The bolts locate into the frame so that impact on the hinge side is protected against.

External view. Protective blue foam taped on the handle as the site is still a work in progress.





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