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Impact of new Q Building Regulations on Garage Door Industry: our guide to garage door security.

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What do new regulations mean for garage door buyers and installers?

Please note that the New Q Regulations apply to a new built dwellings only. For those of you wanting to replace a garage door on your existing garage these regulations do not apply.

However if you wish to replace your old garage door or garage entrance door with a secure, insurance and police approved door please take a look at our Secured by Design doors and high security personnel doors.

According to the new regulations all garage doors that provide access into a dwelling or into a building containing a dwelling should be Secure Door Sets or compliant with the police ‘Secured by Design’ initiative.

What is a Door Set according the Q Building Regulations?

  • By the Door Set the regulators mean a complete door assembly, consisting of the door frame, door leaf or leaves, essential hardware and any integral side panel or fanlight.
  • What is a Secure Door Set according the Q Building Regulations?

    A Secure Door Set is a door set proven to resist physical attack by a casual or opportunist burglar or a bespoke door set incorporating proven crime reduction construction features.

Please Note:

  • Garage doors need not be Secure Door Set if there is no interconnecting door set allowing access into the house from the garage.
  • Where access to the house can be gained via an interconnecting Door Set from the garage then either the garage Door Set or the interconnecting Door Set should be a Secure Door Set.

What garage doors are compliant with new regulations?

  • Vehicular garage Door Set demonstrating compliance with the police ‘Secured by Design’ initiative will meet the provisions of the New Q Building Regulations.

 What exactly should you ask garage door suppliers? 

  • Please tell your garage door supplier whether you have an interconnecting door from the garage into the house.
  • Ask the supplier what makes and types of garage doors are compliant with the police ‘Secured by Design’ initiative.

Installation and fixing of Secure Garage Door Sets.

  • Please make sure that all garage door frames are mechanically fixed to the structure of the building in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions.  

What should you look at in the garage door security?

Garages are often home to thousands of pounds worth of possessions, from prized motors, to bikes, gardening equipment and even white goods. So as the main point of entry, the garage door should be as secure as possible. Especially where access to the house can be gained via an interconnecting door from the garage then the garage door should be Secured by Design. For insurance and police approved security and for a total peace of mind choose Secured by Design accredited garage doors.

Arridge Garage Doors can offer you Secured by Design garage doors from two main manufacturers – Hormann and Aluroll.

Hormann Secured by Design accredited garage doors:

  • For integral garages, Hörmann’s traditional vertical sliding sectional doors are the ideal choice.
  • These steel insulated and solid timber versions are now available with Police approved Secured by Design status, when fitted with one of the Hormann’s Series 3 BiSecur ProMatic or SupraMatic operators.
  • These are the first sectional garage doors to have passed the stringent tests required for the award and are, consequently, the garage door of choice for many homeowners. Products go through rigorous assessment to receive Secured by Design accreditation, including an attack test, where their ability to withstand common methods of burglary is put into practice.
  • In addition to the security features already included in the door’s design, Hörmann’s Series 3 BiSecur ProMatic and SupraMatic operators benefit from a mechanical lock, making it almost impossible to lever open.
  • No cost implications whatsoever, which makes a refreshing change!


Please Note: The single skin non-insulated sectional doors and any other operators don’t achieve the rating required, so beware of cheap imitations.


Aluroll Secured by Design accredited garage doors:

  • Aluroll is an insulated roller door manufacture that is one of the first companies to manufacture a Police Approved, Secured by Design version of the classic insulated roller door as part of their Elite range.
  • Elite roller door is recommended for high security domestic and medium security commercial sites.
  • The Aluroll Elite Garage Door has been tested by the Loss Prevention Certification Board, and awarded “Secured By Design” status.
  • The shutter is tested to LPS1175 (6.0) and is security rated at SR1.
  • Remote control operation with safety features meeting BS EN 13241-1, and manual override as standard.
  • Curtain slat is an aluminium double-skinned polyester powder-coated slat with polyurethane foam insulating core.
  • Enclosure or curtain housing box is manufactured from roll formed aluminium with a stove-enamelled finish. End caps are pressure moulded aluminium alloy.
  • Extruded aluminium bottom slat with weather seal.
  • Guide channels depth is 150mm guides; must be fitted 30mm from the opening, giving 180mm from opening edge to back of guide.
  • Electric: Single-phase tubular motor & remote control system with handsets, safety devices, and manual override as standard. Numerous options such as group or wall switches etc. available.

Please see our wide range of Aluroll insulated roller door colours and options; including wood grain finishes which match standard UPVC window and door frames.

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  1. G. Martin says:

    If I fit one of your Hormann insulated sectional doors on my existing garage and then install a second hand motor from a different manufacture that I already have, will that arrangement be classed as a secure door set to comply with your regulations?