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Garage doors: finding the right material

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Selecting garage doors has become a complex task, especially as you will be faced with a wide range of materials, finishes, colours and mechanisms. As the purchase of a garage door can be considered a major investment, it is crucial to consider all aspects before making a final decision. One of the main choices to be made is the type of material to be used. This will depend on various factors, like whether you have the time and ability to carry out regular maintenance; some people prefer a solution which requires minimal upkeep. There are five types of material commonly used in the construction of garage doors.

Steel garage doors

Steel doors are among the most popular choice, being easy to maintain and available in standard sizes or tailored to your specific requirements. Despite being a particularly strong material, steel garage doors are relatively inexpensive and are available with a variety of mechanisms in mind. You can choose a steel door which is primed so that you can paint it yourself or choose from one of the colours available. Steel doors are also available with a timber effect finish so that you can enjoy the appearance of timber without the maintenance normally required. To maintain a steel door, it should occasionally be washed with mild detergent solution.

Timber garage doors

For those who are prepared to spend some time dealing with maintenance, wooden garage doors will complement any home. These are typically made using cedar but can also be produced from oak, chestnut and teak. The price, however, can be affected by the variety chosen. You can purchase timber garage doors which are just primed and ready for you to stain or paint yourself or they can be installed pre-stained and ready to use. Timber garage doors are available with retractable, canopy, side hinged and sectional mechanisms, each of which will suit different types of garage. If you have timber window frames and doors on your home, you may feel that timber garage doors will complement the rest of the house.

Fibreglass garage doors

Fibreglass, also known as Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) is a strong material which has low maintenance requirements. Unlike a timber garage door, fibreglass doesn’t require staining or painting to retain its appearance and quality. Just wiping the garage door is sufficient to maintain appearance. Although the garage doors are primarily available in white, they also come in a wood grain finish which gives the appearance of timber. Fibreglass garage doors are incredibly strong, which is important when it comes to security. Also, fibreglass doors are available to suit a range of mechanisms and can be insulated, which may be a deciding factor if the garage joins directly on to the house.

Aluminium garage doors

An aluminium roller garage door will be strong, lightweight and easy to maintain. Although you can purchase an aluminium garage door in a range of colours, they also come in various wood effect finishes, which may be more suitable for certain homes.

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