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How to maintain garage doors

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A garage door from a reputable company will have a guarantee, but if any problems occur you should deal with them as soon as possible to avoid further issues and maintain safety. If faults occur with your garage doors, it may be that you are ready to purchase new garage doors to replace the old ones. There are some common faults which can occur and should be investigated:

If your garage door starts to open and close more slowly than usual, there could be a problem with the door springs. If the garage doors are older you may need to replace the springs, or even consider replacing the door. Occasionally the garage door may have trouble closing properly, possibly closing and then springing open again. Check for any obstructions to the door, especially if they are automatic garage doors. If there are no obstructions, it may be that a cable is broken or damaged and needs to be replaced.

A garage door that squeaks indicates a problem, but is also very annoying. The rollers or bearings may need to be lubricated, which you may be confident enough to do yourself. However, if you are not sure how to locate the bearings or rollers, it may be advisable to seek professional help. A scraping sound is another indicator that something needs replacing. In this case it could be a cable which has worn and needs to be replaced. A qualified garage door repair service will be able to deal with this. Although it is possible to have garage doors repaired, you may want to consider whether the time has come to replace your doors. Consider the age of the doors and whether any other parts of the garage doors have worn. This may be the right time to replace your garage doors, especially if you are experiencing problems with them on a regular basis, as safety and security could be compromised.

Garage doors are heavy and if a cable or spring is broken, accidents may occur – this could cause serious injury. A door which doesn’t operate correctly may also cause damage to your car by falling on it. Check garage doors regularly to look for faults and make sure that the door is operating as it should. Place an object in the path of the door closing to make sure it stops before hitting the object. Regular maintenance is essential to guarantee the correct and safe operation of a garage door. If there are regular problems, it may be better to replace the door. Although it may seem like a large investment it is possible to obtain reasonably priced doors. Steel garage door prices are one of the most reasonable and provide security and stability for your home.

Garage doors are a necessity, creating extra security for your property and keeping your vehicle secure while not in use. However, accidents do occur which is why it is crucial to carry out regular checks on them.

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