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Five Reasons to Choose Alutech Garage Doors

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Whether you are looking to take advantage of the summer weather to replace your existing garage doors, or searching for the ideal garage doors for a new project, it is well worth considering the range of high quality sectional garage doors on offer from Alutech. Here are five good reasons to choose Alutech garage doors.

1. An established brand

Alutech were founded in 1996 and now employ over 4,300 people. They currently sell to over 40 countries worldwide. UK operations are run from their dedicated 30,000 square foot premises located in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire.

Today, Alutech are one of the largest aluminium extruders in the world and have their own in-house powder coating and anodising facilities to ensure that their products are nothing other than exceptional.

2. Exceptional insulation

When it comes to buying a garage door, there are many factors to consider. One that has become increasingly important is insulation, and this is an area where Alutech garage doors excel. With 45mm door thickness, all round soft rubber seals and a U-Value of 1.0 W/m2K, Alutech sectional doors are designed with thermal efficiency in mind and are currently the most insulated domestic garage doors available in the UK

Alutech sectional garage doors will keep your home warmer and maximise your energy efficiency, making them the perfect choice where warmth and energy efficiency are a priority.

3. Built for security and safety

Sectional garage doors are generally considered to be most secure option for you garage, and Alutech garage doors are a brand you can truly trust when it comes to security. The 40mm thick insulated steel panels lock solidly in place when the door closes, while the powerful Avanti T-Series 800nm motor resists force applied to the door which therefore makes it impossible to open. The mechanical design of the operator boom resists any external force applied in an attempt to open the door.

Alutech garage doors are also designed for maximum safety and comply with European Standard EN 13241-1, EN 12604, EN 12453, EN 12424, EN 12425, EN 12426. Safety features include a Torsion Spring mechanism on the double doors which is equipped with a fall-arrest system to stop the door from falling closed in the unlikely event of a spring breakage. Single doors, meanwhile, feature a double cable arrangement on each side of the door that acts as a similar fail-safe device.

4. Made to last

When you buy an Alutech garage door, you are investing in a product that is made to last. The design incorporates several features to protect against corrosion, including plastic bases on the side legs to minimise the possibility of corrosion if the frame leg is exposed to water build up at the base of the door. The door is also fitted with a deep black rubber guard at the bottom. Each door also benefits from intermediate seals between each section and a deep rubber seal all round the perimeter of the door, built into the frame, while each panel is multi-coated for long-lasting protection against the elements.

The durable spring mechanism, meanwhile, is rated to 25,000 open/close cycles – equivalent to 17 years service based on 4 open/close cycles per day.

5. Available in a range of colours and styles

Alutech sectional garage doors are available in a great range of classic and contemporary styles to complement any home wonderfully. Doors can be finished in either a textured wood grain embossed surface or a more modern smooth finish. As well as 34 RAL colours, finish options include Wood Effect Golden Oak, Rosewood and Dark Oak. Alutech garage doors are also available in a traditional Georgian Panel effect.

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