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We are the only ISO9001 approved online garage door supplier in the UK.

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Being price competitive and selling the right product to suit customers’ needs is of vital importance in any business. Please see our price guarantee. We notice in our business dealings, and life generally, that staff in many businesses today make silly mistakes, overlook details, rush and have poor attention to detail.

Because of our intense dislike for such sloppy procedure and realising the vital importance of attention to detail, being organised and having systems in place within a business which promotes accuracy and efficiency, we decided in 2007 to become ISO9001 approved.

This certification comes after rigorous inspection of how the business is run, checking that good practice and procedure is followed within all aspects of the business from initial enquiry, quoting and advising, delivery and garage door installation service we provide.

We are the only ISO9001 approved online garage door supplier in the UK.

We put time, effort, pride and experience into the help and advice we give to customers. We check all sizes and details and confirm these back to customers to re-assure them that the door they order is the correct door in the correct size, colour, finish etc.

We are looking forward to our 9th consecutive year as an ISO9001 approved firm.

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