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Five tips for choosing garage doors

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Choosing new garage doors is a confusing task and if you don’t consider your requirements carefully, you could end up with a garage door which isn’t suitable. Garage doors serve a number of purposes, including security and protection from the elements. Here are five things to consider when choosing a garage door.

Prioritising security

Garages are often attached to the family home and are sometimes accessed by a side door from the house. The garage door may present a weak spot, allowing intruders to easily gain access to your home. If your garage door is old or needs repairing, consider replacing it with a strong, durable garage door. It may be worth considering steel garage doors, which are relatively inexpensive. If you are considering a remotely controlled garage door, ensure that the control panel is tamper proof and reliable. Security is crucial to protect your family home and possessions so ask about the security features before making your final choice.

Safety features

If you purchase your garage doors from a reputable company, you will have a door which has the latest safety features at a reasonable cost. However, double check that you will have the safety features necessary for your home. If you have an automatic door, check that it will retract if it hits a car or, even worse, a child. Place the control panel out of the reach of a young child to avoid accidents and don’t allow children to play with the remote control as they could cause damage.

Maintenance levels

Choose a garage door which has minimal maintenance requirements if you don’t have time to spend repairing and painting it. For instance, steel garage doors require minimal maintenance whereas a timber garage doors need regular upkeep to protect and maintain their appearance.

Consider your home

When choosing garage doors, consider your home and existing features. The garage door should complement the house and its style, including the doors and windows in place. Garage doors are available in many different styles, materials and colours so it should be easy to select a door which fits in with the character of your home.

What will you use the garage for?

Garages are made for a car or cars to be parked in but are often used for other purposes. Aside from car parking, storage is one of the main uses for a garage. They are also commonly turned into utility rooms, home offices and play rooms. If you use the garage for anything other than just storing the car, you may want to consider a garage door with an effective level of insulation. If you have a garage which adjoins the house, you may also want to consider insulation to avoid draughts into the home.

Follow the above tips when choosing a garage door but also consult the garage door provider for information. This will be a main purchase for your home and just like any other major home improvement, it should last for many years.

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