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John’s notes on garage doors:

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I joined Arridge Garage Doors in the New Year. I’ve picked up on a few points whilst learning about the business, product and our customers. I am getting up to speed with the vast range of manufacturers throughout the UK & Europe, that we have forged close relationships with.

First look at the ever popular, classic Up & Over garage doors:

The simplicity of an up & over can be drilled down to a canopy up & over or a retractable up & over.  A canopy door when it opens protrudes approx. 1/3rd out of the garage causing a canopy like effect with no tracks running into the garage.  With no ceiling tracks on a canopy door, they are not a good solution when looking for an automated door or if you require a double sized door, but are a fantastic option where the ceiling tracks may be in the way of storage or everyday use.

A retractable door opens up and slides onto horizontal tracks that go back into the garage, taking the door back nearly fully into the garage with very little of the door protruding out.  This sort of track system makes the retractable a much more attractable option when looking for automation of your garage door.

Regardless of which up & over door you are looking for, Arridge works with a range of manufacturers to offer an aesthetically pleasing option, with your use and requirement at the heart of the service we offer.  We can offer supply only or we work with a range of trusted fitters across the UK. With the benefit of not only a seamless installation, but the removal and disposal of your existing door.

John’s tip:

The Fort smart-pass up & over canopy or retractable door available in a range of classic and modern colours to suit. Simple in its use for opening the garage to store your vehicle in the traditional sense. The Fort smart pass comes with the everyday added benefit of quick access via the built-in wicket door. Perfect for the everyday jobs such as grabbing the tools or general storage.

Fort Smart Pass garage door

Inside view of the Fort Smart Pass garage door

Fort Smart Pass up and over garage door

Fort Smart Pass up and over garage door

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