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Hormann Sectional Garage Doors - Hormann LPU42 42mm Insulated

Hormann LPU42 sectional garage doors from Arridge Garage Doors, at heavily discounted prices. Twin walled with 42mm thick insulation, constructed out of fully finished steel. Designed to fit on the rear of the brickwork opening but can be installed between brick piers and under the lintel if needs be. Made in Germany, LPU42 Insulated Hormann Sectional Doors are available in a large range of colours and finishes and come with a 10 years manufacturers guarantee. The 42mm thick rigid CFC-free foam core and soft rubber gaskets between the panels and on all four edges ensure draught proofing, as well as insulation. The fitted door has a u-value of 1.4W/m2K. Various ribbed and Georgian designs available. Can be a manual door or reliably and cheaply automated with a Hormann Promatic or Supramatic remote control kit. Available ex-stock in White. Also 16 standard colours available on extended lead times, generally 4 to 6 weeks depending on stock levels at Hormann. Any RAL colour of your choice is also available. These doors can quickly and cheaply be made to measure, if required, by means of the Hormann factory width and height cut service. This is an ideal method of creating a made to measure sectional garage door without the longer lead time and higher cost associated with ordering a made to measure door from Hormann in Germany.

Hormann LPU42 high quality, well-priced 42 mm insulated sectional door is a market leader.

Rear view of fitted Hormann insulated sectional door and automation kit.

Rear view of assembled Hormann insulated sectional garage door with Hormann auto kit.
  • Hormann sectional garage doors maximise drive through width and height as they are fitted on the rear face of the garage opening.
  • Between brick and under the lintel installation is possible in conjunction with a between brick bracket kit and frame cover profiles.
  • Door opens vertically so you can park in front of the door and still open it. Ideal for short driveways, city or town garages.
  • Numerous designs in S-Rib (Small rib), M-Rib (Medium rib), L-Rib (Large rib) and S-Panel Georgian available.
  • Comes complete with fully finished white fixing frame and all fixings.
  • Included in the price of the door is the easy to install Hormann frame and counterbalance mechanism: Z springs on doors up to and including 10ft wide, N springs on doors over 10ft wide, L springs (low headroom gear) available for limited headroom installations of doors over 10' wide. Please click on the relevant link to view easy to follow Hormann manufacturers installation instructions.
  • Excellent level of security, much more secure than up and over doors. Secured By Design accredited when installed with a Hormann ProMatic or Hormann SupraMatic automation kit.
  • 10 years manufacturer's guarantee by Hormann.
  • See full Hormann Sectional Garage Doors Brochure by clicking this link.

Insulation and Draught Proofing.

  • Fitted insulated sectional door has a very low U-value of 1.4 Wm2 K, keeping warmth in the garage.
  • Doors are made of fully finished steel, double skin with 42 mm thick rigid foam insulation, Wind Load Class 3.
  • The door has all round deep rubber seals between the door and the frame making the door much more draught proof than an up and over garage door.
  • Air Sealing Class 2, Water Sealing Class 3 according to European standard 13241-1.

Please note however that it is highly recommended that there is a gradient on the floor going away from the door to help water and wind-blown rain to drain away. Without this gradient wind can force water under the seal.
Hormann 42 mm thick insulation.
Double-skinned LPU doors offer the 42-mm-thick insulation.

Woodgrain finish.

  • Doors in this finish are the least expensive of all the LPU42 doors.
  • A very light wood grain surface finish ensures durability and good looks.
  • Robust surface with an authentic sawn timber look.
  • The wood grain finish is easily touched up if the door gets blemished over the years.
  •  This surface finish is available in Traffic white RAL 9016, in numerous standard colours or in your specified RAL colour.

Hormann Woodgrain door finish.
Hormann Woodgrain door finish.

Sandgrain finish.

  • Sandgrain surface finish is finely structured, almost like a very fine orange peel effect or fine sand paper.
  • The paint finish is more matt than satin.
  • Only available in White, Terra Brown or Anthracite Grey.
  • Cheaper in price than the equivalent model and size in Silkgrain.
  • The exterior surface of steel is thinner on this Sandgrain door than on the Silkgrain door.

Hormann Sandgrain door finish.
Hormann Sandgrain door finish.

Silkgrain finish.

  • The Silkgrain finish is smooth and silky.
  • A 50% thicker exterior steel sheet on the Silkgrain door ensures stability and smoother running.
  • Also less likely to ding or dent over time.
  • A very popular choice for the simple but stunning contemporary appearance of the L-Rib version of the LPU42 door.

Hormann Silkgrain door finish.
Hormann Silkgrain door finish.

Slategrain Finish

  • Slate slabs are the model for this textured surface finish that gives your door a special look.
  • With its embossed slate structure, the Slategrain surface picks up on current trends and ensures a modern door design.
  • The surface for sectional garage doors with M and L ribbing is available in the colours Traffic white (RAL 9016) and Anthracite grey (RAL 7016) as well as in another 15 inexpensive preferred colours and in RAL to choose.

Slategrain Finish

Planar Finish

  • The elegant surface finish in 6 exclusive Matt deluxe Hörmann colours meets all expectations of a modern door design.
  • It impresses by combining a smooth surface finish with fine elegance  and matt trendy colours.
  • Available as L-ribbed.

Hormann Planar Door finish in CH 9016 Matt deluxe Traffic white

Decograin finish.

  • Decograin surface of the door is Smooth, not Woodgrain embossed. The wood look is achieved with a thin but durable plastic film coating creating a stunning and authentic timber look. The door coating is UV resistant.
  • Five Decograin finishes are available with timber effect in Golden Oak, Rosewood, Night Oak, Dark Oak and Winchester Oak.
  • The Golden Oak and Rosewood is a very good match to UPVC doors and windows in these two popular colours.
  • Readily available UPVC flat board and architrave of numerous widths, in Golden Oak and Rosewood, means that any trimming around the installed door is cheap, easy and a very good match to the door itself.
  • The Winchester Oak is the nearest in appearance to real oak - a stunning look.

Hormann Decograin Golden Oak finish.
Hormann Decograin Golden Oak finish.

The Titan Metallic CH 703 Smooth finish.

  • The Titan Metallic CH 703 is a contemporary door colour.
  • The surface of the door is smooth and easily cleanable.
  • UPVC trim in this colour is available from UPVC window merchants in a standard Anthracite Grey wood grain should extra trim or facia be needed around the door.

Hormann Titan Metallic CH 703 Smooth finish.
Hormann Titan Metallic CH 703 Smooth finish.

Duragrain Finish

  • Available as L-ribbed
  • With this smooth door surface finish, you can choose from 25 detailed, natural and true colour decors or, if you wish, have your door printed with an individual image.
  • The final coating of high-strength protective paint is especially robust, scratch resistant and stain-resistant. As a result, your door maintains its attractive look.
  • The UV-resistant decors are detailed, natural and colourfast.
  • A harmonious, vibrant surface finish look is created by repeating the decor every 800 to 1300 mm (depending on the decor) and by offsetting the decor between the sections.
  • Duragrain doors are generally supplied in Grey white, RAL 9002, on the inside of the door. When the door is opened, a thin grey-white stripe can be seen between the sections on the outside
  • The scratch-resistant final Duragrain coating provides the exterior of the decor with continuous protection against environmental effects, keeping the door beautiful for years to come

Duragrain Finish in Malt Oak

Hormann LPU42 imperial and metric sizes available.

  • Most imperial sizes are priced on the individual products, 6’10” wide to 16’0” wide.
  • Metric doors in most models available up to 6000mm wide and 3000mm high.
  • Hormann factory width and height cut available on imperial sizes only, as a low cost way of having a made to measure door.
  • OTHER SIZES ARE AVAILABLE ON REQUEST. Please contact us with your garage opening sizes for a quote and advice, alternatively please phone us on 01691 670394 with any questions you may have.

Available colours

  • Standard colour is fully finished White RAL 9016.
  • The rear of all LPU42 doors is a serviceable off-white colour RAL 9002 Grey White.
  • 15 Matchcolor preferred options available for the Woodgrain, Slategrain, Silkgrain surface finishes, at extra cost.
  • Matchcolor preferred colours for sectional garage doors, entrance doors, side doors and sheet steel doors enable a matching appearance.
  • The Woodgrain, Slategrain and Silkgrain surface finishes are also optionally available in around 200 RAL Classic colours (with the exception of pearl-effect and fluorescent colours) as well as in many NCS and DB colours.
  • The sectional garage doors LPU 42 with L-ribbing and Duragrain surface finish are supplied with the fascia panel of the doors now also printed in the matching Duragrain decor of the door sections as standard. Other accessories such as the frame covering, the single­skinned panel, the fascia frame set, side door profiles or the aluminum glazing frame can also be supplied in matching Duragrain decor.
  • The crossbar of the frame comes in the same colour/grain effect as the door. The legs of the frame are white. If the edges or any of the face of the frame is visible on the final installation we recommend the purchase of matching frame leg Cover Profiles. This is a neat low cost way of achieving an excellent finish to the job, and avoiding any exposed white frame leg edges being visible and distracting from the beauty of the finished installation.
N.B. All doors come with a fixing frame that has white Woodgrain legs and a Smooth or Woodgrain finish cross bar in the colour and finish of the door. Cover Profiles are available in Silkgrain, Decograin, Sandgrain, Titan Metallic and in any colour to match the door and are recommended to cover any edge or face of the fixing frame, which may be visible on the final installation.

Decograin Golden Oak
Decograin Golden Oak: medium brown, golden yellow oak design
Decograin Dark Oak
Decograin Dark Oak: walnut-coloured oak décor
Decograin Night Oak
Decograin Night Oak: dark, intense oak design
Decograin Rosewood: mahogany-coloured timber design
Decograin Rosewood: mahogany-coloured timber design
Decograin Winchester Oak:
Decograin Winchester Oak: natural-coloured knotty oak design
Titan Metallic CH 703
Titan Metallic CH 703: Anthracite with a metallic effect

Automation or Manual.

  • Manual as standard, but ideal for automation with Hormann Promatic or Supramatic auto kit.
  • If door to be MANUAL, then "Handle and Lock kit" required, as Hormann supply all sectional doors without a handle on the assumption that most will be made automatic.
  • Various feature handles in polished stainless steel finish etc., are available.

Matching Side Doors

  • Hormann matching side doors in all the various designs, finishes and colours are available in standard and made to measure sizes.
  • Gives any garage that special look.
M-ribbed LPU with matching side door Traffic white RAL 9016
M-ribbed LPU with matching side door Traffic white RAL 9016
L-ribbed LPU, style 469 and matching side door
L-ribbed LPU, style 469 with glazing and matching side door
Panelled LPU with matching side door in Traffic white RAL 9016
Panelled LPU with matching side door in Traffic white RAL 9016