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John’s notes on side hinged garage doors:

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Side hinged doors are proving to be an extremely popular and versatile option for garage doors.

I have received a vast quantity of enquiries where by customers are changing the use of their garage.

Over the last couple of months, we are hearing of customers with the need to use garage spaces for home gyms, play rooms or home offices. With these requirements customers are looking for quick access into the garage.

  • Side hinged doors offer quick access with a 60:40 door split with the leading door very much mimicking a pedestrian door access.
  • Where full width access is required into the garage both doors are easily opened, and with the added benefit of door stays where required full access is quickly gained.
  • They also have the benefit of no track systems running back into the garage space taking up valuable equipment or storage room.

Insulation is often high up the requirements list when changing the garage door to accommodate new uses of the garage.  As well as the ease of access mentioned above, there are several manufacturers that offer made to measure and standard sizes insulated side hinged doors.

Along with the benefits side hinged doors bring to a garage, they are also available in both traditional and modern styles. Examples of these can be found on our social media pages, and on the gallery section of our web page here –

  • Side hinged doors are available as single skin steel, steel insulated panels, or in timber.
  • Ultimately, they are one of the most versatile and timeless options available in the garage door market.
  • Made to measure, along with a range of styles and options they really tick the boxes for both modern and traditional properties alike.

One of my favourite upgrades is the steel D-Handle options, which can complement similar front door styles brilliantly.

Here are some examples:

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