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Buy your Hormann door before 1st April 2017 and save 9.9%.

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Garage door manufacturer Hormann announced 9.9% price increase across their whole range from 1st April 2017.

We have been notified that one of the main garage door manufacturers, Hormann, are putting their prices up 9.9% across the whole range of their insulated sectional doors and single-skin sectional garage doors, up and over garage doors, Rollmatic roller doors, ThermoPro and ThermoPlus front doors, security doors, garage door automation and accessories.

The result of the EU Referendum on June 23rd sent the value of Sterling into free-fall. The effect of this on Hormann was shocking and immediate yet they did nothing to directly address this, choosing to wait and hope that some stability returned and the value of Sterling improved.

We now have stability, but at a Foreign Exchange rate which is simply not viable for the garage door manufacturer. In simple terms everything Hormann purchase from European factories, which is virtually everything they sell, is costing Hormann over 15% more than it did up to June last year.

It is for this reason that Hormann must increase their prices on all Domestic products by 9.9% from 1st April 2017. Hormann have explained to us that this includes a general factory increase of 3.9%. This means that the element of this increase intended to mitigate the very poor Foreign Exchange position is only 6%, less than half the effective increase, as Hormann will continue to absorb significantly increased costs.

Although of little consolation, Hormann have in recent years actually had consecutive price reductions on their sectional doors due to increased efficiencies at their factories. Compared to up and over doors the sectional garage doors are good value for money and in the 8ft to 10ft width range are often significantly cheaper than up and over doors.

We now advise all our customers who are ready to order not to delay their decision-making and contact us before the 31st March 2017, mid-day to order their Hormann products at the current prices before the imminent price increase and save 9.9%. Putting orders on Hormann System can take some time so please do not leave ordering your door(s) until the last minute!

Please phone us for any technical advice, help with measuring and choosing the door to suit your needs. Please follow these links below to choose your Hormann product before the 9.9% price increase:

Please also note that another garage door manufacturer Garador, which is owned by Hormann and is offering an identical range of products will also be imminently announcing a price increase which will almost certainly be in-line with Hormann’s.

We have noticed over the years that once the “big boy” i.e. Hormann has made their move with an overall price increase other smaller manufacturers tend to quickly follow suit and release new price lists quite promptly.

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