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Fort Chester Vertical Standard Rib Side-Hinged with Windows

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  • Fort Chester Vertical Small Rib Steel Side-Hinged Garage Doors with Windows
  • Inside View of Standard Side-Hinged garage doors
  • Doors come with cable latches and shoot bolt security as standard
  • Inside View of doors with cable operated latches and threshold option upgrade
  • Steel Threshold Option
  • Top latches upgrade supplied with threshold option
  • High grade corrosion protected hinges
  • Standard Black Handle
  • Plain window option
  • Cathedral window option
  • Waterford window option
  • Cascade window option
  • Stockton Cross window option

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Fort Chester Vertical Standard Rib Steel Side-Hinged garage doors with Windows

Fort steel side hinged garage doors in standard vertical rib design. Galvanised steel door leaves and frame, all powder coated in white and a variety of popular colours.

  • Chester ribbed doors with windows are available as 1/3:2/3 split up to 8'0" wide with 3 windows and 50:50 split over 8'0" wide with 4 windows.
  • Windows supplied with Pilkington K stippled safety glass with a choice of decorative inserts.
  • 50mm frame legs, 50mm frame crossbar
  • Available in standard sizes and made to measure from 1524mm wide and upto 3048mm wide.
  • STANDARD model comes with twin latches on the active leaf top and bottom.
  • STANDARD model has shoot bolts on the fixed leaf top and bottom.
  • Door stays to hold the door open available as an optional extra.
  • Upgrade to cable operated four-point locking and steel floor threshold available. 
  • Matching side doors are available.
  • Price includes door frame.
Prices quoted are for standard sizes only. Made-to-measure also available.


How to measure for your Fort Chester Vertical Small Rib Steel Side-Hinged garage doors

  • Fort steel side hinged garage doors come pre-framed on a steel goalpost frame.
  • Steel frame legs are 50mm wide, crossbar is 50mm deep.
  • The exact EXTERNAL frame size is 100mm larger than the INTERNAL frame WIDTH and 50mm larger than the internal frame HEIGHT.
  • The ORDERING size is the INTERNAL frame size.
  • Doors generally installed between brickwork and under the lintel.
  • Brickwork opening should be 10mm wider and 5-10mm taller than the external frame size. If the opening is larger than this, the gap between the frame and the brickwork can be trimmed in UPVC or timber.

Please see table below showing ordering sizes and exact external frame sizes.
If a standard size or made to measure 
side hinged door set is required simply send us your brickwork opening sizes and we will do the rest.
Any questions, simply phone us and ask on 01691 670394.


Please see lead times on selected door below...

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Estimated lead time on Fort steel Side Hinged garage door:

  • 3-5 weeks depending on component availability at the manufacturers


  • At the point of delivery an able-bodied male must be present to assist the driver in offloading the door.
  • Every effort is made to deliver goods by the estimated delivery dates given. Due to constantly changing stock levels at the manufacturers, production processes and delivery logistics any delivery or installation dates given are approximate only and the Company accepts no liability for any such delay. We endeavor to deliver all our garage doors and products as fast and efficient as possible. Most of our doors are not off the shelf. They are made to order.