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Garage Door Gear Kits.

Garage door gear kits are ideal for customers who 1) are building their own bespoke up & over garage door panel and require a strong and reliable counterbalance mechanism to make it into a working door or 2) have an existing up & over door panel and require a new mechanism in order to repair/ re-condition it. Our universal gear kits will fit any up & over door panel of any size and weight. The kits come with all the hardware, including tracks, arms, springs, rollers, brackets, weatherseals and fixings. All in sturdy galvanized steel. Many smaller garage door manufacturers use these gear kits with their doors. We need the exact panel size and weight (put it on the bathroom scales) in order to supply you with the right kit to correctly and safely counterbalance your door panel. For canopy gear kits being fitted to an existing broken door, state make, model and size of door. Leave a 10mm gap between the edge of the panel and the 70mm x 70mm timber goalpost frame legs and crossbar, and 10mm off the finished floor. See PDF drawing. To ensure fixing points line up etc, you may require the universal fixing plates. Please give all the info to our helpful and knowledgeable technical sales staff and they will advise. If you wish to automate an existing canopy door, the long term effective solution is to remove the canopy gear and fit a retractable gear kit, as all garage door automation kits are designed to pull/push doors with retractable gear, not canopy gear. However, a light, smooth-acting, well installed canopy door can be automated with a canopy bow arm adaptor and motor kit in some circumstances. The Hormann OFI (open for infill) door chassis is a sturdy steel chassis with counterbalance mechanism. It is a popular choice for customers who wish to put their own planking etc into it in order to create their own bespoke garage door. Standard sizes available, ex-stock.