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Garage Doors with Wicket Doors Built In

A garage door with a built in wicket door ensures easy access for getting bikes and gardening equipment etc. in and out of the garage without opening the main door. Wicket garage doors are fitted with safety sensors so the main door, when automated, cannot be opened when the wicket is open. Any of these garage doors with wicket pass doors can be manual or automatic. The Fort is extremely well priced. Full height wicket, sturdy steel construction, pre-framed, good-looking and easy installation. Comes with 32mm floor threshold. Available in numerous made-to-measure sizes. Manufactured in the UK. Generally on 8-10 weeks lead time. The Cedar Door Bakewell with wicket has a night latch and deep bottom rail / threshold. Available in any of Cedar Door's range of doors (cost may vary with complexity of design). All come with sturdy, retractable door gear, as standard, which is easy to automate if required. The Hormann steel, up & over with wicket is of the highest quality but also of the highest price. Manufactured in Hormann's French factory, lead times can be 7 - 10 weeks. When insulation & higher security is required or any of the other benefits of a sectional garage door, the Hormann sectional door with wicket is the choice. Trip-free threshold, all round rubber gaskets, extra sturdy high quality construction. Door closers, upgraded door furniture etc all available at extra cost. Door shown below does not have matching wicket door frame profiles. With these, the wicket door is almost invisible within the main door.