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ISO 9001 Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

As an ISO Registered Company, we are legally bound to survey every 50th customer who purchases a garage door from us. 

Below are the results in completely unedited format since our ISO certification.

Question to Customer Excellent V.Good Good Average Poor

If your first contact was via e-mail was this answered quickly enough

78% 22%      

If your enquiry was answered by e-mail did it give you the information required

56% 44%      

If your first contact was via telephone was your call answered in a professional manner

88% 6% 6%    

Did the person with whom you spoke answer all your questions in a competent and professional manner

90% 5% 5%    

How do you rate the process for ordering your garage door

79% 13% 4% 4%  

How do you rate the process for confirmation of your garage door order via our invoice system

82% 9% 9%    

How do you rate our service in answering any queries you may have had between ordering your garage door and before the delivery of your door

79% 16% 5%    

Whilst our delivery forecasts are approximations how do you rate how accurate any delivery forecast was that you were given

65% 22% 9%   4%

How do you rate the notification you were given regarding delivery

70% 17% 9%   4%

How do you rate the fitting instructions received with your garage door

44% 25% 12%   19%

If you required any technical help during the fitting of your garage door how do you rate the advice/help given

75% 25%      

How satisfied were you that the product(s) supplied fully met your requirements/expectations

71% 19%     10%

How do you rate your overall satisfaction with Arridge Garage Doors

87% 9%   4%  
How would you rate us in recommending us to a friend 86% 9%     5%