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Gliderol Mini Roller for Limited Headroom Situations

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  • Gliderol Mini Roller Door
  • Mini Roller is a compact version of the GlideRol.a.Door
  • Inside View of Gliderol Automatic Roller Door
  • Corrosion Protected Side Guides
  • Guide Top
  • Lock Bars engage into keeps in the side tracks
  • Handle and Lock Barrel for Manual Doors
  • Internal Twist Handle
  • Glidermatic Control Box
  • External Manual Override

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Non-Insulated Continuous Curtain Roller Door Ideal for limited headroom situations.

Made-to-measure, high performance plastisol coated steel roller door.
If headroom available is less than the roll diameter of 340mm the door can be fitted but the roll will hang down in the opening and the entrance height will be reduced. Unused door height stays on the roll. Small diameter roll requires 340mm headroom. Side room required each side of the rear of brickwork piers is 90mm each side. If you are going to automate your Gliderol door with Rolamatic RW-1 motor, you will need 110mm sideroom on one side at the motor end.

  • The Gliderol Mini Roll is only available as a 7’ high door. Any unused door height remains on the roll. Available from 1240mm high - 2135mm high.
  • When ordering, add 2" (50 mm) on width i.e. for a 7'0" opening, order 7'2" door.


  • Only suitable for installation onto the rear surface of a structural opening. This door cannot be fitted on the front of an opening.
  • For under the lintel/between the piers installations a rugby post frame and facia would have to be fitted first. Entrance width and height will be reduced. For such installations go to Aluroll insulated roller door.
  • The heavy duty galvanized steel guide channels fix behind the brick piers and guide the curtain up and down.
  • There are 1” (25mm) guide channels.
  • The curtain edges have industrial nylon webbing stapled each side for smooth quiet gliding in the channels.
  • A deep bottom rubber built into a reinforced bottom rail minimising draught and debris getting under the door.
  • The reinforced bottom rail also adds strength and rigidity to the bottom of the door minimising deflection in the door and greatly adding to the security.
  • The main roller barrel has a central shaft which sits on a large gallows bracket at each end.
  • The brackets are included. These need to be well fixed as they take the full weight of the door.
  • Two point steel rod operated locking with keys is included on the manual door.
  • This locking mechanism and handle is not included if the automatic version of the door is purchased.


All automatic Mini Roller doors come with a Gliderol RW-1 outboard motor kit which is easily fitted, on site, to the Left Hand or Right Hand end of the roller.


10 year exterior finish guarantee and 6 year mechanical parts guarantee from the manufacturer.

Available colours for Gliderol Mini roll.

Available in 13 colours including three woodgrain colours. Mahogany is subject to a 7% premium, Golden Oak and Rosewood are subject to a 20% premium.

Size help for Gliderol Mini Roller non insulated roller doors.

The Gliderol Mini Roller fits onto the rear of the brickwork aperture. You require headroom for the roll and sideroom for the guides.
The Gliderol Mini Roller has a roll diameter of 340mm. To achieve full entrance height under the open door you require 340mm of headroom, see dimension J in the diagram. If you have less headroom the door can still be installed, but some of the door will show below the lintel when the door is open and entrance height will be reduced.
The guide channels and fixing brackets fit onto the rear of the brick pillars. To accommodate these you require minimum 90mm sideroom each side of the opening. If a Gliderol RW1 Rolmatic “outboard” motor is to be fitted on the left hand or right hand end of the roll an additional 20mm of sideroom required this side only.


Ordering size example:

Plan view of aperture with Gliderol Mini door fitted
Plan view of aperture with Gliderol Mini door fitted.
If side room is limited, timber uprights can be added to create large enough reveals to fit the door.
If the reveals are wide enough, order the door that is wider than the ordering size calculated using the above formula. This hides the visible edges of the galvanized guide channels and gives a neater appearance. Also adds security. Approximately 30-40mm each side will fully hide the guide channel, when viewed from the front.


Headroom requirement for Gliderol roller doors.

Gliderol Mini headroom requirement drawing
Gliderol Mini headroom requirement drawing

If the specified amount of headroom behind the lintel is not available the door can still be installed, some of the roll will show below the lintel and the entrance height will be reduced.
If headroom is limited, you can create enough headroom by building a timber facia and installing the roller behind it. Check sufficient entrance height is achieved.

Installation instructions for DIY installation by customer:

Click to read complete Gliderol Non-Insulated Roller Door Installation Manual PDF.

Garage door supply and intallation service by our qualified fitters:

For more information on our garage door supply and install service, areas covered and fitters profiles please click here.
We offer a national garage door installation service on this product to either a trade or a retail customer.
We have a number of expert garage door installers working all over the country from Cornwall to Aberdeen and pretty much everywhere in between.

This video is our easy to follow guide on how to measure your garage opening for a roller door.

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Estimated lead time on Gliderol steel non insulated roller garage doors
  • 1-3 weeks for manual roller doors in standard colours
  • At the point of delivery an able-bodied male must be present to assist the driver in offloading the door.
  • Every effort is made to deliver goods by the estimated delivery dates given. Due to constantly changing stock levels at the manufacturers, production processes and delivery logistics any delivery or installation dates given are approximate only and the Company accepts no liability for any such delay. We endeavor to deliver all our garage doors and products as fast and efficient as possible. Most of our doors are not off the shelf they are made to order.