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Hormann Horizontal 2002 steel up and over garage door

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  • Hormann 2002 Horizontal Door
  • Canopy door on steel frame
  • Canopy Cable Drum
  • Canopy Anti-Drop mechanism
  • Canopy door with 4 point locking
  • Retractable door on steel frame
  • Finger trap protection
  • Spring System
  • Retractable door with 4 point locking
  • Internal Handle
  • External Handle Options

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Hormann 2002 Horizontal Garage Doors - Steel Up and Over

The Hormann 2002 Horizontal is a high quality steel up and over garage door with a horizontal rib design. The horizontal rib design gives the Hormann 2002 a classic, elegant feel that looks good on any property and in fact this is one of our most popular doors.

The door is made from high quality galvanised steel, with a durable steel chassis. Hormann's Invisible secret weld technology ensures high strength and there are no ugly pop rivets to spoil the the quality appearance.

Each steel canopy Hormann door is pre-painted with a powdercoated paint finish, meaning that it is ready to fit immediately with no no additional painting or preparation required.
  • The Hormann Steel 2002 model will match any type of property from modern to traditional. This 2002 model is one of our most popular garage doors.
  • Available colours include powder coated white as well as a range of other powder coated colours
  • Sizing information - Double door versions are available and have a visible vertical centre stile. Click on the sizes drop down list above or sizes tab to learn how to calculate your garage door size.
  • We offer UK wide fitting on all garage doors . Please ring for a quote.
  • We also supply doors for you to fit yourself
  • The 2002 door has a torsion spring shaft fixed to the top frame with rollers running either side of the inside of the door. The spring mechanism has tight coils to prevent trapped fingers and conforms with BS EN 12604
  • Single doors are delivered pre-assembled in one piece with a locking mechanism attached to the back of the door

To see full description and specification please click on this link.

Click here to view or download the Hormann Up and Over Doors brochure PDF.

Are you purchasing a door to be fitted:

1. To an existing brickwork aperture?
2. To an opening which is being built to accommodate a standard size door?
3. To a new opening which cannot be built to take a standard size door for good reason?
Please see the relevant explanations for 1, 2 and 3 below GENERAL SIZE ADVICE.

GENERAL SIZE ADVICE for all up and over garage doors.

Garage door sizes are always stated as an internal frame size.
Garage door sizes are always expressed with the width first and height second. For example door size 7’0” x 6’6” indicates that the door is 7’0” wide and 6’6” high.
The exact internal frame size for this door needs to be 7’0” x 6’6”. The actual door panel will be approximately 18 mm smaller in width and height to enable a perfect fit with the correct tolerance gap between the door and the frame.


1. Purchasing a door to be fitted to an existing brickwork opening.

Timber Frame.

If you are going to install the new door to an existing or new timber goalpost frame, the frame should be 70 mm x 70 mm in section.
When measuring, please measure the internal timber frame size, not the actual door panel.

Steel Frame.

If you are going to fit a new up and over door, with steel frame, to an existing brickwork opening please check your brickwork sizes with the size chart at the bottom of this page. These sizes apply to the most popular brands of door, Hormann, Garador, Wessex and Woodrite (on super gear).
Between brick installation =  the brickwork aperture should be 10mm wider and 5 to 10mm taller that the stated external frame sizes.
If the opening is bigger than this you can pack off and trim the gap with timber or UPVC if you so wish.
Back of brickwork installation =  the structural opening should be at least 10 mm wider and higher than the stated internal frame size of the new up and over door. Please check there is sufficient side room and headroom on the back of the opening to accommodate the frame size and any kick-up of the door.

2. Purchasing a door to be fitted to a brickwork opening that is being built to accommodate a standard size door.

Decide whether you are going to fit the door and frame between the brick piers or on the back of the brick piers.
If fitting on the back of the brickwork ensure you have neat solid brick piers, not brick-block or brick-cavity-block.
If the piers are block work that is to be rendered or cladded after installation, allow for the thickness of this to ensure the door will be able to open out through the aperture.
Fitting on the back of the brickwork gives more entrance width and height.
When viewed from the front you can show 5 mm to 50 mm of frame.
If fitting the door and frame between the brick piers and under the lintel the brickwork aperture should be built 10 mm wider and 10 mm higher than the chosen external frame size.

3. Purchasing a door to be fitted to a brickwork opening that cannot be built to accommodate a standard size door for good reason.

The Size Chart below shows internal and external frame sizes for all the standard size doors available from Hormann, Garador, Wessex and Woodrite (on supergear).
Made to measure doors are available at nominal extra cost.
Please send us your proposed sizes using our Self Survey Enquiry Form asking the specific questions you have or phone for unbiased help on 01691 670394.

Steel frame dimensions for up and over garage doors


Installation instructions for DIY installation by customer:

Please click on the links below to see PDF fitiing instructions:

Hormann single canopy garage door fitted onto a Timber Frame
Hormann single canopy garage door fitted onto a Steel Frame

Hormann single retractable garage door fitted onto a Timber Frame
Hormann single retractable garage door fitted onto a Steel Frame

Hormann double retractable garage door fitted onto a Timber Frame
Hormann double retractable garage door fitted onto a Steel Frame

Garage door supply and intallation service by our qualified fitters:

For more information on our garage door supply and install service, areas covered and fitters profiles please click here.
We offer a national garage door installation service on this product to both trade and retail customers.
We have a number of expert garage door installers working all over the country from Cornwall to Aberdeen and pretty much everywhere in between.


Please see these two videos of showing canopy and retractable up and over garage doors in action.

Canopy up and over garage door video.

First video is showing a canopy up and over door. Hörmann applies its engineering excellence to the traditional up-and-over canopy door adding longevity while making it easier to use.

Retractable up and over garage door video.

Second video is showing an automated retractable up-and-over door from Hörmann, which is guided on internal tracks to ensure smooth, precise travel every time, whether manual or automatic operation is chosen. 

Hormann UK Ltd. warranty Up-and-Over Garage Door: Series 2000, DF 98, Retractable, Retractable Plus, Canopy, Up and Over Double Door

Warranty Period

  • The purchaser is granted a warranty covering the safe and reliable function of the Hormann garage door for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase.
  • The warranty period for replacement parts is 6 months, however, at least the current warranty period.
  • The purchaser is given a 5-year guarantee from the date of purchase on the springs, wire cables, track rollers, hinges and guide rollers of garage doors in normal use, whereby normal use constitutes no more than 5 door operations (open/close) per day.
Hormann products are manufactured to the highest quality standards and leave the factory only after rigorous quality testing.
Should you nevertheless have grounds for complaint, please contact your supplier Arridge Garage Doors Ltd so they can forward your claim to Hormann.

Please see full Hormann warranty and Declaration of Conformity on their steel Up and over garage doors.

Please see lead time on selected door below...
Please click to read important delivery information prior to ordering. 

Estimated lead time on Hormann Steel Up & Over garage doors


  • 1-3 weeks for standard size ex stock doors in White
  • 1-3 weeks for a limited range of standard ex stock sizes in Brown and Black
  • 4-6 weeks for doors in Colour
  • At the point of delivery an able-bodied male must be present to assist the driver in offloading the door.


  • Every effort is made to deliver goods by the estimated delivery dates given. Due to constantly changing stock levels at the manufacturers, production processes and delivery logistics any delivery or installation dates given are approximate only and the Company accepts no liability for any such delay. We endeavor to deliver all our garage doors and products as fast and efficient as possible. Most of our doors are not off the shelf. They are made to order.