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Insulated Garage Doors

Insulated garage doors are available in various types from roller doors through to side hinged and sectional. The buttons above take you to the details and insulated garage door prices for each manufacturer and type of door.

Arridge Garage Doors have worked with leading garage door manufacturers since 1989, and we are able to offer a wide range of high quality Insulated Garage Doors at heavily discounted prices.

We are the only online garage door discounter to offer, if frequired, a national garage door installation service. So no matter where you are or the type of property you have, we can fit your doors with utmost skill and professionalism. See our fitting service page for more information.

However, if you would prefer to fit your garage door yourself, we have installation instructions for each of the door types to assist you if required.

Please see the general info below on each of the insulated garage door types available.

Which type of insulated garage door should I choose?

Your choice of insulated garage door will generally be governed by two main considerations - practical and aesthetic. From a practical point of view, the intended use of the garage and the amount of space available will be among the most important factors, whilst when it comes to aesthetics you will want to consider factors such as style and colour.

Why choose an insulated sectional garage door?

Sectional garage doors come in a huge variety of designs and colours, meaning that they can compliment almost any style of property, be it traditional period, modern contemporary or anything in between. From an ultra modern microwave panel effect to a Georgian panel with wood grain effect, the options are endless. Sectional garage doors are safe, comfortable and reliable and relatively affordable. They take up a minimal amount of interior space and are well suited to automation.

If you are looking for a consistent look for your property, then Horman offer a range of matching insulated sectional garage doors and insulated front doors for perfect harmony.

The recently launched Hormann LPU67 door has a U-Value of 1.0 Wm2K for the fitted door making it a popular choice with customers who want maximum insulation including builders of “passive houses”.


Why choose an insulated roller garage door?

Roller garage doors are well known for their unique and space saving design. They are generally fitted onto the rear of the brickwork aperture, maximising garage entrance width and height, and do not require any unsightly or intrusive tracks or springs. This means less clutter in the garage and a much neater, professional finish that allows you to use your garage space more efficiently.


Although roller doors offer less choice in style than sectional doors, they are still available in a range of colours and finishes such as the Hormann Rollmatic insulated roller garage door in Golden Oak or the Aluroll insulated roller garage door in Rosewood, both of which are ideal for traditional or prestige properties as well as contemporary new builds and even passive homes. Roller garage doors are also perfect for automation for added practicality.


Why choose insulated side hinged garage doors?

For homeowners with multiple-use garages, insulated side hinged garage doors can be a great investment due to the extra versatility they offer. As well as allowing for full access like roller or sectional garage doors, they also allow for easy pedestrian access. This means it is possible to get bikes or laundry in and out or use as a home gym or entertainment area with ease. If you run a business from your home, side hinged garage doors allow you to access stock or equipment for your business without opening the entire door.

As well as easy access, insulated side hinged garage doors offer greater privacy and consequently contribute to better security as the contents of your garage can be shielded. It also means that your garage’s interior will be better protected from the elements if there is frequent pedestrian access.

Cartek and Ryterna are among the most popular brands for insulated side hinged garage doors, with a superb choice of traditional and modern styles and finishes to fit every style of home.


The main benefit of an insulated garage door is that they create a draft and dust free sound deadening warm environment, enabling you to use your garage all year round. At Arridge Garage Doors we sell garage doors with two different thicknesses of insulation depending on your warmth and budget requirements.

All of our insulated garage doors are sold on a supply only basis at the heavily discounted website prices or on a supply and installation basis, where the discounted website price is charged for the door, motor etc and a separate installation price is quoted.

There are many factors to consider when you are choosing the perfect garage door, and one of the most important of these is how your garage is being used or what you intend it to be used for in the future.

If you are one of the increasing number of UK households that use their garage for purposes other than storing the car, then you should certainly consider the benefits of insulated garage doors, which will allow you to increase security, warmth and space. The same benefits also make insulated garage doors a great choice to keep your car safe and secure and ensure that your garage door does not compromise your home’s efficiency.

As a supplier of garage doors in the UK with three decades of experience, we offer a choice of quality insulated garage doors including roller, sectional and side hinged doors from a wide range of leading manufacturers.

What are the key advantages of insulated garage doors?

Enhanced security

Insulated garage doors are designed to maximise the protection they offer, particularly sectional and roller doors which benefit from features such as durable materials and construction, close fitting seals, force resistant locking mechanisms and more.

Extra secure insulated roller garage doors such as those from the Aluroll range offer enhanced security features above and beyond what you can expect as standard, as do the Hormann 42mm insulated electric sectional garage doors. Both hold Secured by Design accreditation for added peace of mind.

Less heat loss

If you plan to spend a significant amount of time in your garage or intend to store items that may be affected by lower temperatures, an insulated garage door can dramatically reduce heat loss. This is due to two factors. Firstly, insulated garage doors are thicker than standard garage doors.

They feature a double skinned construction and use materials with high thermal properties to prevent direct heat transfer via the door panels. Secondly, they are made to a very tight specification with closely fitting frames and seals to minimise drafts, helping to prevent the heat loss that typically occurs around the frame.

Increased garage space

An insulated sectional or roller garage door can help to maximise the space available within your garage. Sectional garage doors open vertically and are suspended under the ceiling to achieve additional space, whilst roller doors feature a compact enclosure above the door, keeping the vast majority of the ceiling and all the walls completely free.

Insulated Sectional Garage Doors

Insulated sectional doors are made up of 4 or more sections which rise vertically and travel back into the garage on ceiling-mounted tracks. The individual sections of the garage door are generally made from fully finished steel with a rigid foam core (cfc-free). In addition to the high thermal insulation of the panels, the all-round rubber seals prevent draughts between the door and the frame and also between the door and the floor. Rubber seals between the sections ensure that draughts are practically eliminated.

How a sectional garage door opens and closes

How an insulated sectional garage door opens and closes
Inside view of an insulated sectional garage door

Inside view showing individual sections and frame/tracking and optional motor
sectional garage door side seals

Rubber side seals prevent draughts
Sectional garage door bottom seals

Deep bottom rubber compresses to the floor to stop debris & draughts blowing in

Hormann Insulated Sectional Garage Doors

Hormann is a market leading manufacturer primarily due to the high quality of their garage doors and affordable prices. Hormann insulated sectional garage doors are available ex-stock in white, Golden Oak and Rosewood. Standard and special colours generally take 3 to 6 weeks for delivery.

Hormann insulated doors are available in various horizontally ribbed designs in smooth or wood grain finish or Georgian design which requires no maintenance. Steel fixing frame with rubber seals, tracks and springs etc are included in the price, with manual or electric operation available. All doors are made in Germany and Hormann offer a 42mm thick door which is highly insulated (U value 1.3Wm²K).

Hormann S-Rib sectional garage door in Fir Green

Hormann S-Rib Sectional in Fir Green
Hormann M-Rib sectional garage door in Golden Oak laminate finish

Hormann M-Rib Sectional in Golden Oak Laminate
Hormann L-Rib sectional garage door in Titan silkgrain

Hormann L-Rib Sectional in Titan Silkgrain
Hormann Georgian sectional garage door in White

Hormann Georgian Sectional in White

Carteck insulated sectional garage doors

Carteck insulated sectional garage doors are also made in Germany, but the final assembly and width/height alterations are made in the UK to reduce lead times. This allows made-to-measure sectional garage doors to be constructed quickly and at little extra cost. All Carteck Insulated Doors are 40mm thick, twin-walled steel with a rigid foam core. The fitted door has a U value of 1.48Wm²K making it one of the most insulated garage doors on the market. Soft black rubber seals between the panels and round all four sides of the door eliminate draughts.

Carteck Standard Rib insulated sectional garage door In Anthracite Grey

Standard Rib Carteck Sectional garage door In Anthracite Grey RAL 7016
Carteck Centre Rib Smooth insulated sectional garage door in White

Centre Rib Smooth Carteck Sectional in White
Carteck Large Rib sectional garage door in Anthracite Grey

Large Rib Carteck in Anthracite Grey RAL 7016
Georgian insulated sectional garage door in Golden Oak laminate finish

Carteck Georgian Sectional in Golden Oak foil laminate finish

Gliderol Insulated Garage Doors

Gliderol also offer insulated sectional garage doors. They are slightly cheaper in cost, but not quite as insulated or draught-proof and are slightly more time-consuming to install. See our Gliderol Insulated range of doors

Insulated Roller Garage Doors

Picture showing how a insulated roller garage door opens and closes

Vertical lift roller door, Space saving & made-to measure as standard
Picture of Aluroll insulated roller doors in Golden Oak laminate finish

Pair of Aluroll Golden Oak insulated roller garage doors
Picture of inside view of Hormann insulated roller garage door

nside view of Hormann Rollmatic. Note: courtesy light/control panel, manual override and full box enclosure
Insulated roller garage doors are made from individual, aluminium, foam-filled slats which have a rigid foam core. With draught seals in the guide channels, and a pliable bottom rubber seal minimising draughts, the Aluroll insulated roller door and Hormann Rollmatic insulated roller door are very similar. Both come as standard as remote control electric roller doors. Aluroll’s doors are manufactured in the UK using German components, resulting in quality roller doors delivered quickly and efficiently, generally within 4 to 10 working days.
Picture of smooth Hormann insulated roller garage door slat

Smooth foam filled Hormann slat
Picture of glazed Hormann insulated roller garage door slat

Glazed version of Hormann foam filled slat

Hormann insulated roller door lead times are slower, but the product does have certain specific features which some customers prefer. These include availability as a manual roller door, quick manual opening in the event of a power failure, wind lock guides to enable the door to withstand Class 5 wind loads and a neat glazing profile for customers who want small windows in the garage door.

Insulated roller doors are not as insulated as insulated sectional doors; the slats are only 16mm thick and the uninsulated joints between the slats act as a cold bridge. However they remain very popular with customers who do not want tracks hanging from the garage ceiling and are content with a reasonable level of insulation and draught-proofing. All standard colours at the same price with wood grain laminates including golden oak, Irish oak and rosewood 20% dearer.

Insulated Side-Hinged Garage Doors

A pair of Carteck Solid Smooth Insulated Side-Hinged garage doors

Carteck solid smooth insulated side-hinged garage doors
Inside view of a pair of Carteck side-hinged garage doors

Inside view of a pair of Carteck side-hinged garage doors
Insulated Carteck standard Rib side-hinged garage doors

Carteck Insulated Standard Rib side-hinged garage doors

Insulated side-hinged garage doors consist of a steel door foam-filled with 40mm of insulation, fitted to a goal post frame, with rubber seals around each door leaf. Insulated side doors are ideal for home offices, workshops, gyms and dry storage areas.

Made in the UK by Carteck from German components, a popular optional extra is a raised bottom threshold that is fixed to the floor underneath the door to allow the door to sit on a soft rubber seal, reducing draughts and dust ingress.

All of our insulated side-hinged garage doors are made to measure at no extra cost and come with stainless steel handles, escutcheons and locking, and inbuilt flush bolts at the top and bottom of the inactive leaf. Optional three point locking is available on the active leaf. Doors are available in numerous horizontal rib, vertical rib and Georgian designs with either a 50:50 split or off-centre split depending on the customer’s preference. Double glazed window options and matching side doors are also available.

Insulated Round the Corner Garage Doors

We will be adding a new specification for our insulated round the corner garage doors very soon.

Insulated Garage Doors Prices and Ordering

For prices and to order, please take a look at our products on the site using the navigation or links above. Please do get in touch if you have any questions about the products. We have a self survey form to help you in providing us with the correct measurements so we can help advise and quote accurately on the doors of your choice. We can also provide an installation quote if required