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Jeldwen Vertical Rib side hinged garage door

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  • Jeldwen Softwood Side-Hinged garage doors

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Jeldwen Vertical Rib timber side hinged garage door.

  • This is a traditional side opening garage door.
  • Jeldwen door is basic softwood unpainted garage door that comes in two standard sizes only: 7’0” wide x 6’6” high and also 7’0” wide x 7’0” high.
  • These softwood pine doors are not as high quality as solid cedar doors.
  • Doors are delivered unpainted and suitable for painting on site.
  • This side hinged garage door is manufactured with 14mm finish tongued and grooved V-jointed European Pine. European Pine is a natural product and contains random knots.
  • The centre stiles where the two door leafs meet are rebated. For improved stability there is a proportion of finger-jointed components.
  • Price quoted is for pair of doors for one garage opening. Please note that ironmongery is not included with these doors.
  • Jeldwen Pine side-hinged doors are guaranteed for one year against manufacturing defects.
N.B. In order to keep manufacturers warranty valid doors must be painted on ALL edges before the installation.

Jeldwen Vertical Rib Timber Side Hinged Garage Door Sizes.

  • Available in two standard sizes only 7'0" wide x 7'0" high and 7'0" wide x 6'6" high.
  • Sizes stated are the width and height of the door leaves.
  • Must be fitted to a sturdy timber goalpost frame.
  • Frame timber to be minimum 50mm thick, although 70mm thickness is recommended.
  • Sizes of frame timber is also dependant on your choice of hinges and door furniture.
  • Each door leaf to be fitted with a tolerance gap of approximately 4mm all around it.
  • Doors can be planed or sanded on site to adjust sizes. N.B. All exposed timber surfaces must be painted prior to installation.
With a 70mm face x 90mm deep timber goalpost frame (not included):
a) All sizes and types of standard door hinges and door furniture will fit.
b) A door stop of approximately 15mm x 40mm can be planted on the frame behind the doors to reduce draughts and rain ingress around the door leaves.


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Estimated lead time on Jeldwen softwood Side Hinged garage doors:

  • 2-4 weeks depending on availability at the manufacturers


  • At the point of delivery an able-bodied male must be present to assist the driver in offloading the door.
  • Every effort is made to deliver goods by the estimated delivery dates given. Due to constantly changing stock levels at the manufacturers, production processes and delivery logistics any delivery or installation dates given are approximate only and the Company accepts no liability for any such delay. We endeavor to deliver all our garage doors and products as fast and efficient as possible. Most of our doors are not off the shelf they are made to order.