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Novoferm Minster

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Novoferm Minster Steel Up & Over

The Novoferm Minster steel up and over garage door is a high quality steel up and over model door that represents great value for money. This door features 12 Georgian panels with curved top row panels, giving it a signature classic look – ideal for any modern or traditional style property.

Each door has heavy gauge and durable, high quality steel chassis and panel. It is also galvanized and finished with a powder coat that gives it a professional look.

The Novoferm garage door comes complete with a CE marked anti-drop device on all models.

  • A Novoferm door is sure to match any type of property, ranging from modern to traditional styles.
  • The standard colour of the door is powder coated in white, but is available in a range of other powder coated colours, if requested at an extra cost.
  • We offer UK wide fitting and installation on all of our garage doors or we can supply the door for you to fit yourself. Full installation instructions come with every door.
  • A two-point locking mechanism is installed as standard but this can be upgraded to a four point for added security
  • Retractable and canopy mechanism models are available. The retractable gear allows the door to be retracted inside the garage on horizontal tracks when the door is open.
  • The Novoferm Minster comes with 10-year manufacturer's guarantee.

Please click here to view or download our full Novoferm Up and Over Garage Doors and Automatic Operators Brochure PDF.

Our advice on sizes and on how to measure for your Novoferm steel up and over door .

Are you purchasing a door to be fitted:
  1. To an existing brickwork aperture?
  2. To an opening which is being built to accommodate a standard size door?
  3. To a new opening which cannot be built to take a standard size door for good reason?
Please click here to see our detailed measuring advice on all of the above fitting methods.

Garage door supply and intallation service by our qualified fitters:

For more information on our garage door supply and install service, areas covered and fitters profiles please click here.
We offer a national garage door installation service on this product to either a trade or a retail customer.
We have a number of expert garage door installers working all over the country from Cornwall to Aberdeen and pretty much everywhere in between.

Please see this video showing the retractable up and over garage doors in action.

Retractable up and over garage door video.

Warranty Information on Novoferm Minster


During the warranty period, we undertake to rectify any defects to the Novoferm product, which can be proven to be attributed to a material or manufacturing defect.
We promise, at our discretion, to either exchange the defective merchandise or repair it. Replacement parts remain our property.

  • 10 Years – Safe and Reliable Operation (for use up to 5 open/close cycles per day)
  • 10 years – Structural Integrity of Door Panels
  • 10 years – Panel Corrosion
  • 10 years – Retractable Doors (2 years on canopy doors) on Immovable Frame Parts
  • 5 years – Paint Finish Steel Doors
  • 2 years – Finish on Fully Finished Timber & GRP Doors
  • 2 years – Movable and Mechanical Parts (including, but not limited to, springs, rollers wheels, locking points, rods/cables, barrel and locking mechanisms)
Our steel up and over doors are fully finished with powder coat paint. Weathering and sun exposure can cause the finish to fade. We guarantee the finish on steel doors for five years, two years on fully finished timber and GRP doors, and that any fading will be minimal and uniform, providing the door is maintained in accordance with the care and maintenance advice. Timber doors are supplied with a basecoat as standard or with an option for fully finished. For basecoat doors, upon unwrapping the door, one coat of good quality basecoat primer must be applied to both sides of the door. Immediately after installation, your doors will require two further coats of a good quality exterior wood finish on both sides. Initial application and periodic treatment should be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer‘s specifications.
Doors situated in ‘high corrosive’ areas such as within 3 miles of the sea, or a large body of salt water are not covered for rust or corrosion of steel parts. Cleaning of the doors is especially important in these locations.
This warranty only covers damage to the purchased garage door or garage door operator. You will be required to show a fully completed warranty service passport (service to be conducted by a qualified engineer annually), together with a receipt of purchase, which substantiates your right to claim under warranty. The finish on doors is exempt from the service requirements. In the event of a claim, please contact the company that supplied/ installed the doors. They will raise the warranty on your behalf.
For Basecoat timber doors, these must be suitably finished immediately on installation for the guarantee to apply.
During the claims process, a site inspection may be required. For this, we will send an independent assessor. Should this inspection indicate the fault was not caused by a manufacturing defect, you will be liable for the cost of a non-warranty call out. The cost of the call out will be advised prior to the arranged visit.
Novoferm will not accept consequential costs for installation or de-installation, the inspection of parts, transport, and postage costs.
Your door should be kept clean, with any stains removed as soon as possible. You should also ensure that the door does not come into contact with any caustic or acidic substance, which could damage the door surface or structure. Your door should be cleaned thoroughly approximately every 2-3 months (in coastal areas or areas close to large bodies of saltwater, this should be done weekly) using warm water and a soft cloth or sponge. Allow the door to dry naturally. Never use detergent, abrasive, caustic, or solvent-based cleaners.
Lubricate all springs, latches, wheel spindles, and pivot points using light lubricating oil (e.g. 3-in-1). Take care not to allow oil to drip onto the face of the door. Ensure track runners are clean and free from obstacles at all times. Check moving parts for signs of wear. If any wear is detected, arrange for these to be replaced as soon as possible (failure to replace these parts can invalidate your warranty). Do not paint springs or any moving parts
  • Improper installation, negligent care and maintenance - doors that have not been maintained or had annual maintenance/ servicing
  • Improper initial and subsequent operation
  • Negligent or wanton destruction
  • External influences, such as fire, water, salts, alkaline solutions, acids, and any abnormal environmental influences, sunlight
  • Mechanical damage, through improper transport and fitting, or through falling or hitting objects
  • Repair by non-qualified persons
  • Using non-Novoferm parts without the written approval of the manufacturer
  • Removal of the product number, or making it unidentifiable,
  • Application of additional, non-approved weights or infills
  • Failure to remove the protective film or packaging provided with the product, where applicable
  • Failures caused by extreme or abnormal weather conditions

Visual standards checks must be carried out prior to a warranty submission. This check should be carried out in natural daylight, not direct sunlight, standing at a distance of 3m from the door to view the overall appearance. Doors are acceptable if the following are not readily visible on the face of the door:
  • Marks or distortion associated with the manufacturing process
  • Minor indentations, marks, or scuffs on the surface
  • Paint or stain blemishes

Please click here to see full Novoferm Warranty information
Please see lead times on selected door below...
Please click to read important delivery information prior to ordering. 
Estimated lead time on Novoferm Steel Up & Over garage doors
  • 1-3 weeks on standard ex stock sizes in White
  • 3-6 weeks for non standard sizes or any doors in Colour
  • 6 weeks delivery for Guardian Range doors - Secured by Design
  • At the point of delivery an able-bodied male must be present to assist the driver in offloading the door.
  • Every effort is made to deliver goods by the estimated delivery dates given. Due to constantly changing stock levels at the manufacturers, production processes and delivery logistics any delivery or installation dates given are approximate only and the Company accepts no liability for any such delay. We endeavor to deliver all our garage doors and products as fast and efficient as possible. Most of our doors are not off the shelf. They are made to order.