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Roll Up Garage Doors at Discounted Prices

We offer a full range of manual and electric roll up garage doors at heavily discounted prices. The roll up door offers convenience and security and provides maximum entrance width and height due to the door being installed on to the rear of the brickwork opening. Available made-to-measure as standard, the roll up door rises vertically, rolling up into a neat roll behind the lintel maximising space in the garage and on the driveway.

Please see info below on the various types of roll up doors we offer with links to roll up garage doors prices and full product details.

Manual or Electric Non-Insulated

Picture of inside view of Gliderol non-insulated roller garage door

Rear of Gliderol non-insulated roll up garage door
. Please note neat open roll at top, sturdy galvanized guide channels and steel locking bars. The automatic version has a motor factory-fitted into barrel of door and comes with 2 hand transmitters and internal control box with courtesy light
Aluroll Insulated Electric Roller

Picture of inside view of Aluroll automatic insulated roll up roller garage door

Inside view of Aluroll insulated electric roll up garage door.
Please note neat full roller box housing (with manual override cranking eyelet on end of box). All parts are powder- coated. Tubular motor is fitted within the shaft. Control box, courtesy light and 2 handsets included
Hormann Rollmatic

Picture of inside view of Hormann Rollmatic insulated roll up garage door

Hormann Rollmatic roll up garage door. Please note full box enclosure, motor on left with quick release for manual override in event of a powercut and control box with courtesy light. 2 handsets included

Manual or Electric Non-Insulated Roll Up Garage Doors

Our non-insulated roll up doors are plastisol coated, available in a wide choice of colours and constructed out of a continuous curtain of corrugated steel.

Each door comes with a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee and manual models feature light one-hand operation due to the quality of the counterbalance mechanism. Electric versions are also available and are reasonably priced.

Sizes available range from 5ft wide to 16ft wide and 4ft high to 16ft high and are all made-to-measure at no extra cost.

When deciding on the size of door to buy please be aware that additional headroom and side room is required. Please be sure to measure aperture using our self-survey form , so we can calculate size required, offer advice and provide accurate prices.

Picture of a pair of Gliderol roller doors

Pair of Gliderol roll up garage doors. Note installation onto rear of aperture giving neat secure installation which ensures maximum entrance width and height
Picture of Gliderol factory fitted motor

Electric version with factory fitted motor. Note the override toggle to disengage motor easily in the event of power failure

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Electric Insulated Roll Up Garage Doors

Made from individual insulated aluminium slats that interlock together to form a sturdy door curtain in a wide choice of colours.

All doors are made-to-measure at no extra cost and include a full remote control system with safety reverse, two handsets, a courtesy light, powder coated draught-proof guides and a neat box enclosure as standard. A deep bottom rubber seal ensures draught-proofing is maximised and dirt/debris is kept out of the garage. 77mm and 55mm slat versions available to suit the headroom available in your garage.

Picture of a pair of Aluroll insulated roller garage Doors in Golden Oak

Pair of Golden Oak insulated roll up garage doors with remote control automation
Picture showing 77mm and 55mm Aluroll slats

Insulated slats in 77mm and 55mm to suit your application
Picture of Aluroll control box

Picture shows roller box enclosure and control box with courtesy light

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Hormann Rollmatic Roll Up Garage Doors

The Hormann Rollmatic is a market leading door due to its high quality construction and affordable price. Constructed out of smooth fronted aluminium slats made with a foam core, a colour matched box enclosure, wind-lock guides and locking straps. This door is feature rich and very secure.

The German made Rollmatic door is electric and made-to-measure as standard but also available as a manual door if preferred.

Picture showing Hormann Rollmatic smooth slat

Smooth slats give an attractive appearance. No maintenance needed with a wide choice of colours including Golden Oak and Rosewood foil laminate finishes
Picture of Hormann Rollmatic roll up garage door in Blue

Hormann Rollmatic made-to- measure at no extra cost to suit your sizes. Picture shows Steel Blue door, RAL 5011
Picture showing ease of opening Hormann Rollmatic garage door

For garages without power or if a manual door is preferred, the manual Hormann Rollmatic is available. It has secure bottom rail locking and internal chain hoist
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