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Garador Steel and Timber Side Hinged Sizes. Ordering the correct size door.

Garador steel side hinged garage doors are available in standard sizes and made to measure.
All doors come pre-fitted on a matching steel goalpost fixing frame.
  • Your tightest brickwork opening sizes to be at least 10mm wider and 5mm taller than the external frame sizes stated.
  • Allow for any run-out in the floor/lintel or the brick piers.
  • If the doors are to be made to measure simply give us your tight brickwork opening sizes. We will allow the correct fitting tolerances.
  • If your brickwork opening sizes are more than 10mm wider and 5mm taller than the external frame sizes the gap between the frame and the brickwork can be trimmed with UPVC.
  • Check that the drive is level or falls away from the door.
  • The door leaves must be able to swing out without catching on the drive.

The Size Chart below shows internal and external frame sizes for all the standard size side hinged doors available from Garador.

             Image of Garador size chart


Measuring your brickwork opening for a pair of Garador side hinged doors.
Please measure:
Tightest brick to brick width (measurement 1)
Tightest floor to underside of lintel height (measurement 2)