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Warranty Cedar Door Up And Over Doors

Warranty and Liability on cedar up and over garage doors.

Cedar doors and gear are guaranteed for a period of:

a) 2 years for unfinished doors and
b) 4 years for factory fully finished doors.
This guarantee does not cover any damage or defects arising through incorrect storage, handling or installation;
This guarantee also excludes normal wear and tear items ie: cones, cables, rollers, lock cylinders or springs.

Cedar Door accepts no liability for:

a) the natural variations in colour
b) warping, splitting, swelling or shrinkage due to ordinary natural processes of ageing,
c) fading or the effects of weather or climate,
d) shrinkage, warping or swelling which could have been prevented by carrying out finishing and maintenance recommended by the company

Quality check

Visual appearance and quality check should be carried out in natural daylight and not direct sunlight.
Stand at a distance of 3 meters from the door to view the overall appearance.
The door is acceptable if, taking into account the facts below, none of the following are readily visible on the face of the door:
Marks or distortion associated with the manufacturing process
Minor indentations, marks or scuffs on the surface
Paint or stain blemishes


All Cedar doors are delivered with a polythene shrink-wrap protection.
Shrink –wrap should be left on until the topcoat is applied, taking care not to puncture the external face.
Prior to fitting, doors must not be stored in direct sunlight.
Prior to fitting, doors must not be exposed to any water splashes or rain as colour fading and staining may result.
Doors must always be stored in an upright position.
Do not store Cedar doors in a damp, humid or centrally heated environment.
Protect Cedar doors from any on site damage and contamination.
Please note cedar is a beautiful material with natural colour and grain variations whilst this will always be a feature of timber doors manufacturers do try to harmonise the effect by hand matching all component parts.

Manufacturer’s recommendations.

Cedar Door recommends that the door is top coated immediately after installation to the external and internal surfaces with a quality top coat system to the stain manufacturers instructions.