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Hormann Promatic, Bi-Secure Series 3

The Hormann Promatic Series 3 is the latest model from Hormann. German made, with a 5 year guarantee, this ultra-quiet belt drive remote control unit uses 128-bit encryption (same security as on-line banking), making it the most secure on the market. An auto reverse safety feature stops and reverses the door if the door is obstructed. Additional physical security comes in the form of the 30mm thick slim-line boom having a mechanical anti-lift device, locking the door down in the closed position.

The Hormann Promatic comes complete with 2 Hormann HSE 2 BS black handset transmitters, each with 2 buttons (to control two garage doors independently) and a key ring. It operates on 868 MHz frequency.

Promatic ordering and pricing

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The 0.2Kw motor delivers a push/pull force of 600 Newtons, with a peak force of 750 Newtons. In real terms this means it can open and close a door up to 5 metres wide with a door leaf surface of 11m² (large double garage door). For a belt and braces approach we generally recommend the Hormann Supramatic on double garage doors.

The Hormann Promatic works on 24 Volts DC, but has an inbuilt transformer so you simply plug the 13 amp 3-pin plug top provided into a socket to power the unit up for easy and safe DIY installation.

Hormann Promatic and Supramatic boom
Hormann Promatic and Supramatic boom

Details of the Hormann Promatic and Supramatic Boom

  1. Mechanical locking engages when door closes
  2. Rigid, slim, 30mm deep boom
  3. Emergency release from inside
  4. Towing arm included
  5. Maintenance-free Kevlar toothed belt
  6. Uniform smooth running every time with the belt being automatically tensioned

Recommended for use up to 12 open/close cycles per day. Opening speed 14cm per second with motor soft start / soft stop which means the motor slows the door down at the end of the travel to prevent slamming, prevent wear and tear on the door and make it extra quiet. 7 Watt stand-by power consumption. 5 year guarantee.

Purchasing the correct boom length to suit your garage door

Assuming you are going to install the Hormann Promatic to a Hormann up and over or sectional garage door, the following table applies. Hormann and ourselves recommend that the shortest boom length is purchased to lift the door fully. This reduces potential boom bounce which can occur if a boom is used which is too long.

Correct Hormann Boom Type


Door Height

K (Short)

Up and Over Garage Doors

Sectional Garage Doors with N tracks

Sectional Garage Doors with Z or L tracks

Upto 2500mm

Upto 2250mm

Upto 2125mm

M (Medium)

Up and Over Garage Doors

Sectional Garage Doors with N tracks

Sectional Garage Doors with Z or L tracks

Upto 2750mm

Upto 2500mm

Upto 2375mm

L (Long)

Sectional Garage Doors with N, Z and L tracks

Upto 3000mm

Key: Z tracks come on all single sectionals upto and including 10’ wide

N tracks come on all double sectionals over 10’ wide

L tracks (low headroom) are an option on all double doors

The minimum height required above a Hormann door to fit the lifting gear and a Hormann Promatic or Supramatic operator is 15mm for up and overs (above the top of the frame). 115mm is required for sectionals with Z or L tracks, and 210mm for sectionals with N tracks above the door height.

When installing a Promatic to an existing garage door of any make or mechanism type, simply leave 30mm above the upper most point of the door trajectory for the boom thickness plus a margin for clearance (minimum 10mm).

The Hormann Promatic comes with a lintel fixing bracket to anchor the front end of the motor boom to the rear of the lintel, a universal door fixing bracket (to connect the door to the motor towing arm), internal release for disengaging the motor in the event of a power cut and an adjustable boom bracket with galvanized metal ceiling straps to fix the motor/boom to a convenient fixing point on the garage ceiling.

Emergency release for garages without another means of entrance

If there is a power cut and there is no other means of pedestrian access to get into the garage to enable disengaging the manual release on the inside, there are two external release options available.

1. For sectional doors without a handle

Hormann sectional doors no longer come with a handle, as standard, so the cheapest and easiest option is to fit an emergency release lock as shown in the picture below. Turn key and remove barrel. Pull release cable through until taught. Pull again and the motor drive is released. Open door.

Picture showing Hormann external manual release

Lockable external manual release for Hormann sectional door and motor
Picture of Hormann emergency release kit

Round Hormann emergency release
Picture of emergency release kit

Alternative type of external emergency release

2. For sectional doors with a handle

The internal lock is connected via a bicycle brake cable type arrangement up to the motor. Neat eyelets etc provided in kit neatly and safely route the cable on the back of the door up to the motor de-latch.

Picture showing Hormann handle on sectional garage door

Garage door handle on outside of door. Only unlocked / handle turned when motor needs to be disengaged and door opened manually
Picture of through-the-handle external emergency release

Cable, adjusters, clips and cam included in Hormann through-the-handle external emergency release

The Promatic Akku

For garages without mains electricity, the Hormann Promatic Akku which runs on a battery pack is the ideal answer. The fully charged battery pack will open and close the door approx. 4 times a day for 40 days.

Picture of solar module for recharging Hormann Promatic Akku battery pack

Solar module to trickle charge battery pack. Eliminate the need to carry the battery to a charging point

Picture showing ease of portability of Hormann Promatic  Akku battery pack

Every 40 days, the 8.8Kg battery can easily be carried to a convenient overnight charging point

Picture of Hormann Promatic Akku battery pack

Battery pack, comfortable handle, durable plastic case

Overnight charging on the mains or by means of a small solar module (optional) mounted on the garage roof. The battery pack is neat and easy to carry. 350 Newton force, 400 Newton peak force. 8 m² maximum door size.

To view details and prices of extra handsets , Hormann Emergency Battery back-ups, radio code switches and radio finger-print scanners, click on the link.