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Roller Shutter Garage Doors

Roller shutter garage doors have become very popular for domestic garages in the last ten years due to their numerous benefits. Advantages of purchasing roller shutters include:

  • Made-to-measure at no extra cost
  • Short lead times
  • Wide colour choice without price premium
  • Good level of security
  • Manual or electric
  • Ensure maximum drive-through width
  • Free up space in the garage and on the drive way

At Arridge Garage Doors established 1989, we offer a wide range of domestic roller shutter garage doors at discounted prices. We also sell industrial roller shutters for industrial units, warehouses and workshops.

The various types we offer are explained below with links taking you to the product details, sizes, prices and ordering. Customers can purchase at our discounted website prices on a supply only basis or they can have their chosen roller shutter garage door supplied and installed. We quote separately for installation according to your particular job / area / requirements. Please complete our self survey form so we can advise and quote accurately.

Domestic Roller Shutter Garage Doors

Aluroll Insulated Roller Shutter

The Aluroll Insulated Roller Shutter is our most popular roller shutter for domestic and light industrial applications. The door is assembled in Shropshire from German components. The laths making up the door curtain are roll formed aluminium with a highly insulated foam core (10 year guarantee).

The Aluroll roller shutter door curtain rises and falls in draught-proof guides and rolls into a neat powder coated box enclosure. The Somfy or NRG motors have a 5 year guarantee and all doors come with a fully CE marked safety reverse system, 2 handsets and a control box with inbuilt courtesy light. Approx 5 -12 working day lead time.

Industrial Roller Shutter Garage Doors – Heavy Duty

Please click on the link to view full details of our galvanized shutters, grilles and rolling industrial doors.

Picture of inside view of Aluroll roller shutter garage door

The insulated roller shutter garage door is ideal for multi-purpose garages, workshops, home gyms, playrooms and utility room type garages due to their neatness, security and
Aluroll insulated roller shutter garage doors in Rosewood

Pair of insulated roller shutter garage doors in Rosewood laminate. Ideal for arched openings

Hormann Rollmatic Insulated Roller Shutters

On slightly longer lead times than the Aluroll door, the Hormann Rollmatic roller shutter has certain features which make it stand out from the crowd. Electric as standard, the Hormann roller is also available as a manual door on request, with secure locking and light internal chain hoist operation for convenience. The full roller shutter box enclosure and guides are colour coded to match the door curtain. Includes extra safe auto reverse, arrives on a pallet for installation directly off the pallet, with optional glazing windows and vents.

Picture of  Hormann Rollmatic motor

Soft start/soft stop gives very quiet operation to the shutter. Quick manual release and opening in the event of a power cut - no cranking handle required. Note control box with up/down button & courtesy light
Picture of Hormann  Rollmatic with manual opening

Manual version of the shutter comes with chain hoist and secure bottom slat locking / handle
Picture showing Hormann Rollmatic safety cut out

Automatic safety cut out stops door immediately if there is an obstacle. Extra safe design exclusive to the Hormann Rollmatic
Picture of   Hormann Rollmatic  glazed slat

Optional glazing elements allow daylight into the garage. Upto 10 slats in the door can
be glazed
Picture showing Hormann Rollmatic delivered on pallet

Straightforward installation directly from the delivery pallet
Picture showing locking on manual  Hormann Rollmatic

Integrated locking of the curtain to the shaft prevents the shutter being forced open from the

Gliderol Non-insulated Roller Shutter Garage Doors – Manual or Electric

The Gliderol roller shutter is popular due to keen prices, short lead times, wide choice of colours and availability as a manual or electric shutter. The sturdy galvanised guides lightly feed the continuous curtain vertically upwards onto a roll. The reinforced bottom rail and steel locking bars ensure a good level of security on the manual version, with rolling code frequency technology on the electric version of the roller shutter making it secure.

Picture of Gliderol  roller garage door

Continuous curtain Gliderol roller shutter garage door from outside
Picture showing inside view of continuous curtain roller garage door

Continuous curtain Gliderol roller shutter door from inside

Industrial Roller Shutter Garage Doors

Gliderol Light Industrial Roller Shutter

A low cost continuous curtain roller shutter garage door is ideal for light industrial and domestic applications when doors are needed up to 5 metres wide and 5 metres high. Chain hoist operation on the manual version comes as standard, with the 1/3 horsepower Glidermatic industrial roller shutter door opener easily lifting the door on the electric version.

Picture of Glidermatic GDR industrial shutter motor

Glidermatic GDR industrial shutter motor
Picture of a pair of Gliderol Light Industrial roller doors

Gliderol light industrial roller shutters shown on industrial unit. Wide choice of colours. Short lead times