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Ryterna Garage Doors

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Recognised as a high quality garage door manufacturer, Ryterna Garage Doors distribute though a small number of selected, quality and established agents in the UK. Ryterna Doors are manufactured at a state of the art manufacturing factory in Lithuania where a number of contemporary and traditional designs door ranges are produced. Arridge Garage Doors is an authorised supplier of Ryterna Side Hinged Garage Doors.

The main ethos of the Ryterna brand is bespoke quality and wide variety of choice. All doors are made-to-measure at no extra cost and design, colour, finish, glazing and stainless steel appliques makes each door custom-made to suit a customer's own requirements. Also, lead times are surprisingly short for such a bespoke product range, typically around 4 weeks.

Two Ryterna insulated made to measure side-hinged garage doors Horisontal rib with steel appliques, 50/50 split
Ryterna insulated made to measure side-hinged 
Ryterna Micro-Rib sectional garage door with square glazing
Ryterna Micro-Rib sectional
Ryterna Side Sliding garage doors with round glazing
Ryterna Side Sliding
Ryterna Garage Doors glazed industrial sectional door in white
Ryterna glazed industrial sectional

Ryterna Side Hinged Garage Doors - High insulation, low draught

Ryterna side hinged garage doors are constructed out of 40mm thick, twin-walled steel with a rigid foam core, making the doors robust and strong. All round rubber seals and seals between the door leaves prevent drafts and increase insulation. All Ryterna doors come with a colour-matched steel frame and a threshold which brush seals to the door leaves. 

Ryterna Mid-Rib Side-Hinged garage doors
Mid-Rib Golden Oak Side Hinged Ryterna garage doors with traditional glazing option (double glazed windows, insulated door)
Ryterna Georgian Side-Hinged garage doors
Ryterna sinsulated side hinged with glazing and black handle and hinges
Ryterna bespoke Chevron Side-Hinged garage doors
Bespoke design side hinged doors showing small stainless steel edged window inserts to customer's requirements
Ryterna side-hinged garage doors are available in a wide choice of both traditional and contemporary designs. All glazing options are double glazed. Due to the quality of materials, design, manufacture and components, extra wide side-hung garage doors are available at up to 3 metres wide x 2.5 metres high. For added security a multi-point locking upgrade is available.

Ryterna sectional garage doors

Highly insulated (40mm thick) and draught-proof. Ryterna's main market is Scandinavia, Germany and the Baltics where underfloor heating in the garage is commonplace.

Picture illustrating properties of insulated Ryterna garage door
Very high insulation and draught- proofing ensure heat is kept in and cold kept out
Picture of Ryterna delivery wagon
Ryterna deliver directly to the site / private address, reducing the possibility of damage
Picture showing the packaging of a Ryterna garage door
Ryterna sectional garage door is delivered

Various lifting gear options, including low headroom gear is available. For us to help and advise, please forward your sizes and photos with your enquiry.

All sectional Ryterna doors are made-to-measure. Bespoke colours are competitively priced, as well as the stainless steel windows and appliques which give the option to create an individual look to your door. Fully glazed sectional doors are available, ideal for showroom type garages. Inbuilt personnel doors, matching personnel doors and ventilated doors for underground garages are all in a day's work from Ryterna. Please send us your specification requirements after looking at Ryterna's brochure options.

Picture of Ryterna Georgian sectional garage door with glazing
Wide white Georgian sectional door with glazing
Picture of Ryterna Flush sectional garage door with design elements
Large Rib door with stainless steel design elements / glazing
Picture of Ryterna Flush sectional garage door with wicket door
Small blue sectional door, large rib with inbuilt pass-door
Picture of Ryterna sectional garage door from inside, showing electric motor
Ryterna sectional door with motor installed
Picture of Ryterna bespoke garage doors
One of many bespoke garage door designs available from Ryterna
Picture of Ryterna fully glazed sectional garage door
Fully glazed sectional garage door. Anodized aluminium Ryterna frame can be in any RAL colour

Side Sliding Ryterna Doors (Round the Corner)

Picture of a pair of Ryterna side sliding garage doors in Light Oak
Side sliding door (centre split) in Light Oak with stainless steel windows and design features
Double width side sliding Golden Oak door. Both halves open independently
Inside view of side sliding door showing all tracks and motor

The Ryterna Garage Doors side sliding door is a high quality product available at a lower cost than most manufacturers offering a comparable product such as Hormann and Novoferm. Sizes available are up to 6m wide x 3m high, all made-to-measure. The minimum side room measurement required on the opening side is 150mm, 70mm on closing side and 120mm headroom. 40 mm thick insulated panels are also available in numerous designs and the doors are available with manual or electric operation.

Picture of Ryterna side sliding door with Golden Oak framing
Glazed side sliding door with Golden Oak framing
Picture of Ryterna Georgian side sliding garage door
Georgian glazed side sliding door
Double width side sliding Golden Oak door. Both halves open independently
Double width side sliding Golden Oak door, both halves open independently

Side sliding Ryterna Doors can be single leaf (opening to one side) or double leaf. Wide doors are double leaf, as standard. Heavy duty aluminium guides and twin roller carriages, low floor threshold and all round brush seals ensure quiet, smooth operation and reliability for many years.

Ryterna Insulated Industrial Sectional doors

Ryterna offer their industrial sectional door in 40mm thick or 80mm thick insulated steel panels. Doors up to 14 metres wide x 15 metres high are available, as well as side-hinged hanger doors and sliding telescopic hanger doors up to 75 metres wide.

The popular and well-priced industrial sectional garage door can come with various lifting gear and track types including vertical lift gear or roofline gear to suit your specific application. Integral pass doors, part or full glazing, matching side doors and ventilated doors for car parks are all available.
Send us your specification for a quotation, or simply phone to ask initial questions.

Picture of Ryterna macro rib industrial sectional door
Macro Rib industrial sectional door with glazed section
Picture of Ryterna oak effect sectional industrial door
Large oak effect sectional door for industrial size and quality but an attractive domestic appearance
Picture of Ryterna glazed sectional industrial door with inbuilt wicket door
Large glazed sectional door with inbuilt wicket/personnel door
Picture of Ryterna glazed sliding hangar doors
Sliding telescopic hangar doors with insulated green polycarbonate glazing
Picture of Ryterna industrial sectional doors
Large industrial sectional doors from Ryterna
Picture of Ryterna Side-Hinged Industrial Hangar doors
Swing or Side-Hinged hangar doors, extra large, ideal for certain specialized applications